For dog owners, the warm summer months provide countless opportunities to make lasting memories. From hiking and swimming to playing fetch and lounging, there are dozens of ways to enjoy the weather together. However, summer also brings certain hazards to dogs, and preparation can help you avoid an emergency trip to the animal hospital. Thankfully, the following tips will help keep your dogs safe all season long.

3 Summer Safety Tips for Dog Owners

1. Keep Your Dogs Cool & Hydrated
Make sure your dogs have access to clean water wherever they go. This could mean putting a water bowl in the backyard, the house, and each crate. If you have to leave your furry friends outside for any time at all, make sure they have plenty of shade, as well. Keeping your pets cool and hydrated will prevent them from developing serious — and potentially life-threatening — conditions like heatstroke.

2. Leave Your Dogs at Homeanimal hospital
Unless you’re specifically running an errand your dog will participate in, such as going to the pet store or visiting the vet, keep them at home. Otherwise, you may have to leave them in the car for some portion of the trip, which can be dangerous. When sitting in the sun, cars essentially turn into greenhouses. If it’s 70 degrees outside, for example, the inside of a vehicle can reach more than 100 degrees in just 30 minutes. Practice safe pet care and leave your furry friend home with the AC.

3. Monitor Your Dogs in the Water
Many pet owners are surprised to learn that not all dogs are natural-born swimmers. Thankfully, you can purchase a comfortable floating device for virtually every breed and size of dog. Before visiting a body of water, put your dogs in adequate flotation devices, and once they dive in, monitor them closely until it’s time to go. This will lessen the chance of any drowning accidents. It’s also wise to keep your dogs from drinking the water. Regardless of whether they’re in a pool, lake, or ocean, ingesting the water can make them sick and result in an unneeded trip to your local animal hospital.

Unfortunately, even the most conscientious pet owners can’t prevent every potential accident. If your dog gets into some kind of trouble this summer, turn to Wards Corner Animal Hospital for emergency pet care. Based in Loveland, OH, our practice is proud to treat animals throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. Backed by more than 30 years of experience, we can provide comprehensive care for all your pets, including birds and exotic animals. To make an appointment call (513) 683-2883.