Any dog or cat owner knows that a big part of pet care involves making your pet a part of the family and a part of all your regular festivities. For a pet who enjoys dressing up, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to show off their personality and adorableness. But you want to be sure to choose costumes carefully to ensure your pet is dressed with safety in mind. Below are a few tips to help in this process.

How Can You Dress Your Pet Safely for Halloween?

1. Allow for Movement 
Your pet shouldn’t feel trapped in their costume. Avoid sizes that are too small and fabrics that are constrictive. These costumes can restrict the pet’s free and comfortable movement and can be an awkward, if not downright painful, experience for the animal. Try the costumes on your pet beforehand, and guarantee that they can walk, run, and move their head and limbs. Also, check that they are able to clearly see, hear, smell, and open and close their mouth—in other words, nothing is covering their eyes, ears, nose, or mouth.

2. Remove Choking Hazards
Some costumes include small trimmings and features that a curious pet can easily rip off and choke on. This is especially concerning with accessories that dangle from the costume or make noise when the pet moves. Go over the costume prior to putting it on your pet, and remove any parts that may be a choking hazard, such as buttons, beads, bangles, bows, and snaps. To be on the safe side, consult your pet care professional about what to do if your dog or cat chokes.

3. Rehearse Before the Big Day
Give your pet plenty of time to get used to the costume. If you wait until Halloween to introduce them to it, the new sights and smells of the outfit may be scary or intimidating to them. Depending on your pet, the animal might cower in fear or bark, hiss, scratch, or bite in defense. First, lay the costume on the floor and let your pet sniff it and get accustomed to it. Put it on slowly, giving them treats and lots of praise throughout. Practice walking in it and confirm that they can move around easily.

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