3 Pet Care Tips for a Pregnant Dog

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Whether you’re breeding or have adopted a pregnant pup, dogs are like humans in that they have unique needs while pregnant. Fortunately, there are several ways you can help keep your pet healthy and comfortable during this time. Here are three pregnancy pet care tips to put into practice as the big day approaches. How Can [...]

Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much?

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If you think your dog snoozes far more than you do, you're right. Canines sleep about 11 hours per 24-hour day, which is significantly more than most human adults. Understanding your pup's sleeping needs can help you ensure their well-being. In rare cases, changes in these habits can indicate a health issue that may [...]

4 FAQ About Canine Hyperkeratosis

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When a dog is healthy, its nose typically feels smooth and moist, and its paw pads have a soft leather texture. If these parts become excessively rough and dry and appear crusty, it may indicate a condition known as hyperkeratosis. Unfortunately, it can be very painful for an animal if not properly treated. If [...]

3 Signs Your Dog May Have Seasonal Allergies

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Like humans, dogs are susceptible to seasonal allergies and the symptoms that accompany them, such as sneezing and watering eyes. Unfortunately, if you're a pet owner, your furry companion can't tell you if they're irritated by pollen and other allergens. However, there are red flags that can help you identify if they're suffering. Pay [...]

A Guide to Dog Vaccinations

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There are a lot of responsibilities people need to consider when getting a puppy, including their ongoing health. Pet vaccinations are essential to dogs of all ages to protect them from various canine illnesses. Veterinarians recommend beginning these rounds of shots once a pup reaches 6 weeks old and sticking to a vaccine schedule as they [...]

A Guide to Canine Parvovirus

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Part of being a pet owner is protecting your dog against different viruses and diseases. If you recently adopted a puppy, it’s important to get them vaccinated against parvovirus at a vet clinic. Here’s a detailed overview of this highly contagious condition so you can help keep your pup happy and healthy. What Is Parvovirus? Parvovirus [...]