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4 FAQ About Seasonal Allergies in Dogs

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Just like humans, dogs experience seasonal allergies that cause uncomfortable symptoms. Though there is no cure for this health condition, there are several steps pet owners can take to help their canine companions experience relief. The following guide outlines what you should know about seasonal allergies in dogs and how a veterinarian can minimize their discomfort. [...]

3 Pet Care Tips for a Pregnant Dog

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Whether you’re breeding or have adopted a pregnant pup, dogs are like humans in that they have unique needs while pregnant. Fortunately, there are several ways you can help keep your pet healthy and comfortable during this time. Here are three pregnancy pet care tips to put into practice as the big day approaches. How Can [...]

Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much?

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If you think your dog snoozes far more than you do, you're right. Canines sleep about 11 hours per 24-hour day, which is significantly more than most human adults. Understanding your pup's sleeping needs can help you ensure their well-being. In rare cases, changes in these habits can indicate a health issue that may [...]

4 FAQ About Canine Hyperkeratosis

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When a dog is healthy, its nose typically feels smooth and moist, and its paw pads have a soft leather texture. If these parts become excessively rough and dry and appear crusty, it may indicate a condition known as hyperkeratosis. Unfortunately, it can be very painful for an animal if not properly treated. If [...]