Whether you’re breeding or have adopted a pregnant pup, dogs are like humans in that they have unique needs while pregnant. Fortunately, there are several ways you can help keep your pet healthy and comfortable during this time. Here are three pregnancy pet care tips to put into practice as the big day approaches.

How Can You Care for Your Pregnant Dog?

1. Adjust Its Diet
Your dog is eating for many now, which means it will have additional dietary needs. Pregnant dogs require more calories and nutrients to help their puppies develop, so ask your veterinarian about fortified foods such as puppy food, which is designed to provide the building blocks puppies need to develop. Your pet care professional may recommend that your pregnant dog also continue eating puppy food while nursing. Try feeding several small meals each day. These are easier on your dog’s stomach and will help keep it comfortable.

2. Stay Active
While your dog does need plenty of rest, exercise is still important to off keep unhealthy weight. Speak with your pet care professional before starting a new regimen, but generally avoid strenuous exercise like sprinting. Instead, take shorter, more frequent walks, as these help your dog burn excess calories without putting too much stress on its body.

3. Connect With a Veterinarian
A veterinarian will monitor your dog’s health throughout its pregnancy. Visit them regularly so they can check your dog’s vital signs and also look for any concerns. The veterinarian will also help you plan for the delivery. Many homeowners supervise the puppies’ births at home, but if it’s too much stress, you may be able to bring your dog to the veterinary office for its delivery. You can also ask your vet about the option of a Cesarean section and whether it would be easier for the dog’s body if it has an issue that may interfere with natural birth.

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