As a loving cat owner, you know it’s your responsibility to safeguard your feline’s health and wellness. Part of your pet care duties is to prevent your cat from being injured, which can result from many different circumstances. Despite your best efforts, your cat might still experience one of the following injuries. Knowing the signs and symptoms of these injuries will help you take the proper action and get the necessary medical treatment.

What Are the Most Common Injuries for Cats?

1. Swallowing Foreign Objects
While cats aren’t as prone to eating foreign objects as much as dogs, they do seem to have a taste for string or yarn. While these items might pass on their own, they can also become entangled and cause major health problems. Watch for vomiting, decreased appetite, problems defecating, and dehydration. Seek out immediate medical attention should they occur.

2. Kidney Disease
Many cats experience kidney disease as they get older. However, certain types of physical trauma, such as a broken pelvis, can also cause acute renal failure in cats. The sooner your cat visits a veterinarian, the better the health outcome. If you notice frequent urination, specifically outside the litter box, excessive water intake, vomiting, constipation, and weight loss, schedule an appointment with your vet immediately.

3. Fractured Teeth
Did you know that dental care is as important to your cat as it is to you? In addition to preventing plaque and bacteria from harming your pet’s teeth, cats can also damage their teeth when biting down on something hard, such as a toy. This increases the damage caused by oral bacteria and may also make it difficult for your cat to eat. If you notice decreased appetite or excessive drooling, it may be time to take your cat for a dental check-up.

4. Heat Stroke
Like dogs, cats also pant when they’re hot. And while cats enjoy warmer temperatures than their human family, they can still fall victim to heat stroke. Heat stroke is identified by panting, excessive grooming, and paw sweating. If you believe your cat is overheated, move him to the coolest place in your home and provide plenty of water. Also, monitor his condition to determine whether medical attention is needed.

When it comes to pet care for an injured cat, timely assistance is crucial. That’s why Wards Corner Animal Hospital does emergency appointments as well as house calls to put your mind at ease. Our  vet clinic benefits from more than three decades of experience. We also offer preventative care, dermatology, spaying and neutering, and many other services. Call (513) 683-2883 to schedule an emergency visit with a skilled pet care specialist.