The pet care your cat needs changes throughout its life. Cats over the age of 10 may start to experience a decline in health or develop various health problems, and educating yourself about them will help you be proactive in their care. Below are some tips for keeping your senior cat healthy.

How to Provide Proper Pet Care for an Elderly Cat

1. Adjust Their Diet to Their Needs
Older cats may struggle to eat hard food due to dental problems, difficulties swallowing, or lack of energy. Pay attention to their eating habits, and if you notice a lack of appetite, try switching them to soft, canned food. If they still aren’t eating as much, take them to a veterinarian, as it could signal a health problem.

2. Groom Them Regularly
Senior cats may not be able to bathe themselves as thoroughly or often as they used to, especially those with arthritis or injuries that limit their movements. You may notice that their hair looks oily, clumped, or dirty if their grooming capabilities are limited. Take over by brushing them daily and use pet-safe wipes to remove any dirt from their fur gently.

3. Keep Them Active
Senior cats also need exercise and mental stimulation. Keep buying them new toys and playing with them to keep them active and happy. Toys that have catnip or treats inside encourage activity, which can keep your cat from gaining weight. Weight gain causes a host of problems in felines, including worsening arthritis pain and heart disease risk.

4. Schedule Recommended Veterinary Appointments
Taking your cat for a checkup twice a year is more important as they age, as they’re more prone to health issues that can go unnoticed, like kidney damage. A veterinarian will run blood tests and give them a thorough examination to check for these common problems, allowing them to be found early on to extend and improve your cat’s quality of life. It also enables your vet to assess changes in their weight, demeanor, and appearance to offer guidance on your pet care approaches.

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