Older dogs may not have the pep of puppies, but they’ve got no less love to give. To ensure your senior dog is healthy and happy in their golden years, you may need to make a few adjustments to your pet care regimen to accommodate their changing bodies and needs. Here are three tips to get started.

3 Steps to Care for Older Dogs

1. Schedule Regular Veterinary Visits
Most pets should get an annual wellness exam. However, with advanced age, dogs, like humans, are more prone to illness and injury. Seeing their veterinarian twice a year will help you catch any problems that develop at an early stage. Recognizing risk factors and diagnosing issues quickly is the best way to successfully prevent and treat issues. Keep close tabs on your dog’s health between visits as well. Remember, dogs age much faster than people, and health issues can progress more quickly.

2. Monitor Their Diet & Exercise
Nutrition is essential for ideal health at any age, but is particularly important for puppies and senior dogs whose nutritional needs are different. Buy a food designed for seniors, which has the proper nutrients to keep your dog strong and healthy in their twilight years. Make sure the first ingredient is a whole food, such as chicken, beef, or fish, and not a byproduct or filler. Also, keep them active. They may not be as energetic as they were in their youth, but older dogs need exercise as well. You may need to take shorter walks and tone down playtime to suit their age and energy levels.

3. Make Changes at Home
If your dog has difficulty getting around, you may need to make adjustments to make their environment more comfortable. For instance, make sure their bed, water and food bowls, and toys are on the ground floor and consider putting up a baby gate to cordon off the staircase if they struggle with them. You may also want to purchase or create ramps to help them get on the bed or couch if they like to relax there.

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