Exercise is an important part of pet care, and particularly for dogs. There are many ways to get your dog moving regularly, and mixing routines up makes exercise fun for both the pet and the owner. Different exercise options to suit different circumstances and environments. Below are some useful ways to exercise your dog.

4 Ways of Giving Your Dog Some Exercise

1. Running or Walking
Taking a dog out for a walk or run is one of the most common forms of exercise. Running and walking are great for stamina, and they also let your pet get out and explore. Walks are about having too, so let your dog stop and investigate objects or safely play with other dogs.

2. Fetch 
Fetch is another popular form of exercise because it lets your dog feel like they are playing and having fun with you. The behavior is also now bred into many dogs that were historically taught to fetch and carry. If you want to vary your fetch games, let your dog join with a game of flyball. This is like a relay race that involves dogs running over hurdles to fetch a ball and bring it back so that their teammates can continue. The quicker team wins.

3. Agility Courses
Agility courses are great for dogs because they provide an excellent workout while also allowing your pet to learn new skills and build confidence. Agility courses are usually obstacle courses that use equipment such as weave poles, jumps, tunnels, and walkways. Get your pet involved in competition with other dogs at a purpose-built location, or set up a simple obstacle course of your own in your yard.

4. Indoor Exercise
Pet care means making sure your dog gets exercise even if environmental conditions or other situations mean you can’t take your dog outside. One indoor option is to use a treadmill; let your dog get used to the sight and sound of the machine before starting. The treadmill should be set to a low walking speed until the dog is confident. Other indoor options include running up and down stairs or playing tug of war.

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