Your pets are members of the family, so you want the best care for them. High-quality pet dentistry services maintain your dog and cat’s overall health and can prolong their lives. Here’s how visits to the veterinarian for annual dental checkups will help your four-legged friends.

How Pet Dentistry Keeps Your Furry Friends Healthy

Checkups Prevent Periodontal Disease
Just as humans can develop periodontal disease, your pets can, too. Early signs of periodontal disease are common in cats and dogs by the time they reach age 3. X-rays and a thorough dental cleaning to remove dental plaque and tartar can prevent the disease from getting worse. Without early detection and treatment by a veterinarian, your pet can suffer serious oral pain when eating or develop bacterial problems with their heart, kidney, and liver.

Signs Your Pets Need Dental Care
Your pets can’t tell you when they need dental care, but you can watch for signs they need checkups. A brownish-gold buildup along the gumline is probably tartar, and signs of gingivitis include red or bleeding gums. If your pets are drooling, have missing or loose teeth, problems chewing, or bad breath, they need a vet visit.

Pet Dentistry Issues to Watch For
When dental problems occur in your pet, it’s important you get them treated quickly. Animals in pain may misbehave or develop a more serious medical condition. You should take your dog or cat to the veterinarian to check for broken, infected, abscessed, or misaligned teeth, mouth tumors or cysts, a fractured jaw, or a cleft palate.

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