Giving your pets spay or neuter surgery can make them more well-behaved and cut down on the population of animals in shelters and on the streets. After your pet’s surgery, their veterinarian will provide you with a guideline of tips to follow for post-operative care. Learn more about caring for your pet after their surgery by reviewing the following information.

4 Tips To Care for Your Pet After a Spay or Neuter Surgery

1. Limit Their Activity
Jumping, climbing, and running can pull on the stitches and delay healing or contribute to infection. Try to keep your animal calm and prevent them from jumping or climbing on things. Getting dogs chew toys may help, and you can speak with your vet clinic about medications or supplements to keep them calm.

2. Keep the Elizabethan Collar On
The plastic collar that your animal comes home wearing prevents them from licking and chewing the incision site, allowing it to heal. While your animal may not be happy about it, don’t remove the collar until your vet gives you the green light. If your animal is having difficulty drinking or eating with it on, you may take it off temporarily to let them eat, but you must supervise them and put it back on immediately when they’re done, or they could try to lick their wound.

3. Give Medicine As Prescribed
Your animal may be prescribed pain relievers or antibiotics to keep them comfortable and prevent complications. Be sure to read the instructions carefully and follow the dosing guidelines exactly. Giving your pet too little, too much, or not with food (if advised) can lead to them being in pain, getting sick, or having stomach problems.

4. Check Their Wound for Infection or Torn Stitches
At least once a day, you should check their incision site for signs of torn stitches or infection, which include redness, puffiness, and oozing blood or pus. If you notice any of these signs, you should take them to the vet immediately. Infections can spread quickly and make your animal severely sick if not treated, and torn stitches allow in bacteria, which delays healing.

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