Like humans, dogs are susceptible to seasonal allergies and the symptoms that accompany them, such as sneezing and watering eyes. Unfortunately, if you’re a pet owner, your furry companion can’t tell you if they’re irritated by pollen and other allergens. However, there are red flags that can help you identify if they’re suffering. Pay attention to the symptoms outlined in the following guide, and schedule an appointment with a veterinarian who can provide your pup with relief.

How to Tell If Your Dog Has Seasonal Allergies

1. Sneezing
The occasional sneeze from a dog is normal. However, if your pup has frequent bouts that don’t seem to have a specific cause, the action could be allergy-related. In the spring, pollen floating through the air can trigger sneezing. During other parts of the year, grass clippings, certain tree species, and ragweed may also cause this type of reaction. If you notice repeated sneezing, a veterinarian is the best resource for diagnosis and treatment.

2. Runny Eyes & Nose
A dog’s nose will typically produce natural lubrication to protect the nasal passages. Excessive mucus, whether it’s thin or thick, could be a symptom of seasonal allergies. If pollen and other allergens enter the nostrils, it can lead to an increase in lubrication to fight off the unwanted invaders. Runny eyes work the same way as allergen exposure can lead to higher production of natural tears.

3. Skin Irritations
Coming in contact with dust, mold spores, and pollen can cause dogs to scratch excessively in and behind their ears or at their eyes. They may also bite or gnaw on their paws, groin area, and ankles. The itchiness can become so severe that pups may chew their skin or pull out fur to get relief. Veterinarians can prescribe special ointments and medications to protect pets from allergen exposure that causes skin irritation.

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