During the spring and summer months, pets are more susceptible to catching fleas. Whether it’s because they’re spending more time playing outside, or you’re tracking fleas in on your shoes and clothing, fleas need to be caught and treated early. Here are several common signs your furry friend needs professional flea treatment.

What Are the Signs That Your Pet Needs Flea Treatment?

1. Increased Scratching

Once fleas have settled into your pet’s fur, they’ll begin to bite, which causes inflammation. Your pet’s skin automatically releases histamines to stop the swelling. Unfortunately, histamines also create an intense need to itch. If you notice your pet scratching, licking, or biting hard-to-reach spots like their tail, armpits, or groin, they may be plagued by these tiny parasites.

2. Increased Shedding

Pet shedding is a fact of life, but if your dog or cat’s hair loss has increased, fleas may be to blame. When their bodies release histamines to stop inflammation around a flea bite, it reduces the amount of blood and oxygen that can reach the tissue. It also inhibits proper blood flow and oxygenation of hair follicles, causing increased shedding in those areas.

3. Red Splotches

Flea bites also cause your pet’s skin to redden in dots or patches around the spot. If your furry friend has an allergy to flea saliva, they can develop rashes anywhere on their body — regardless of where they’ve been bitten.

4. Pale Gums

With a severe case of fleas, your pet may also exhibit pale gums, which is a tell-tale sign of anemia. Fleas feed on blood, so too many bites make it challenging for the body to keep up with the creation of new red blood cells. This means that adequate oxygen isn’t reaching vital tissues. Anemia causes symptoms like pale gums, tiredness, and weakness. Professional flea treatment is the best way to stop fleas in their tracks.

If it’s clear your pet needs professional flea treatment, turn to a veterinarian you can trust. Based in Loveland, OH, our team at Wards Corner Animal Hospital has treated pets with vaccinations and spay and neuter services for more than three decades. Our resident veterinarian, Dr. Timothy Henehan, is dedicated to ensuring the health and happiness of every pet through expert treatment, including surgical pet care and emergency vet house calls. To schedule a visit or discuss specialized services, such as pet dentistry, give us a call today at (513) 683-2883.